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Bands and Street Teams I Run:

i don’t know how long i’ve been saying this, but i’ve been saying for quite some time that i’m going to be working more on the street teams i help run, but i never get to it. half of the street teams i run, i’m suppose to be doing with other people, but i’m the only one that signs into the myspace or twitter and does stuff to help promote the majority of the time.

i’m not going to use the excuse that school work is too much and thats the reason i’m not doing everything i should be doing. school is a small impact on that. i have papers and projects to do, and worrying over SAT’s. but besides that, its not that distracting.

the way my head functions, is that it makes lists of things i need to do and always makes it seem like i have something to do, when in reality i don’t. so i feel like i have so much to do that i’ve never done. i do have to say though, i’m sorry to the street teams i help run. i’m not giving them or the bands, for that matter, the attention they deserve.

starting this week HOPEFULLY, i’m going to go on each street team, make a different twitter for each one, and try adding people and spreading the word about them. i’ll make a list of the dates and which street teams i’ll be checking and post it up soon. if you have any opinions on what i can do to make a better effort on supporting and promoting these bands, feel free to leave suggestions below ?