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so i’ve been slacking on this week’s artist of the week, aka - off city limits. i was also suppose to be seeing them tomorrow but they dropped the show. bummer. however, i’m still going to the show. gonna see the morning of, sparks the rescue, ian walsh, throwing colors, we the chosen, and under spinning lights. me being me, likes to know the lyrics to some songs cause i hate the feeling of just standing there.

back in july i saw ace enders and a million different people, person l, the dangerous summer, the gay blades, and school boy humor. the only band i really knew at the time was school boy humor, ace enders because of the early november, and person l only because that is the starting lines singers new band. but i didnt really know many songs. i got back from vacation the day before so i didnt have much time to learn any songs. i knew a few school boy humor songs and that was it. when ace enders was up, his guitarist would stand in front of me and my friends and tell us to sing but i couldnt cause i didnt know anything. so i hate that feeling.

so in the past 2 days i learned about 4 or 5 the morning of songs, about 6 sparks the rescue songs…and thats it. im trying to learn at least one of each of the other bands. but that might not happen. im at least trying for under spinning lights and ian walsh because i actually know who they are. so…i guess we’ll see. its already 12 30 so i guess ill learn more after school tomorrow haha.

so yes, ive been behind on my artist of the week and such on this page. sorry. ive been very ditzy and forgetful lately so i need to fix that. guess we’ll see what happens. just thought id share a bit with you all. :]