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New Trailer | Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

Starring Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Joel McHale, Alexa Vega, Emily Osment, and Jeremy Piven.

Release date: August 19

What do you guys think of the new cast members? Will you go see it?

  1. heartfulloflife reblogged this from secretnasa and added:
  2. shadesofsky reblogged this from secretnasa and added:
    Let’s be honest. I am totally going to see this.
  3. smalltimecrook answered: What disappoints me about this is Joel McHale… I respected him so much more
  4. lifeofstalker reblogged this from pupfresh
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  7. secretnasa reblogged this from pupfresh
  8. yourloveismyheartdisease answered: I’m all for it. :)
  9. baby-i-adore-ya reblogged this from izfinityonhigh
  10. izfinityonhigh reblogged this from pupfresh and added:
    So obviously the directors missed the memo that Spy Kids 2 and 3 both sucked and decided to make Spy Kids 4 anyway.
  11. johnnyjoltx answered: Jessica Alba 0,o
  12. elynleirbag reblogged this from pupfresh and added:
    You’ve got to be kidding me..
  13. lalalalalalalalalalalalaaaa reblogged this from antonlolchenkov and added:
    omg why
  14. jealoushearts reblogged this from antonlolchenkov
  15. antonlolchenkov reblogged this from paintyouwings and added:
    lol i love joel mchale so much ugh i feel obliged to see this
  16. jessicahmonstah reblogged this from wolveswilleatyourskin
  17. zombiefreak708 answered: why would they even make another one
  18. bbimbored reblogged this from ivyoffthewall
  19. ivyoffthewall reblogged this from sentencefagment
  20. libraryofthedeep answered: Meh
  21. hashtagmoms answered: okay 1 was awesome, 2 was pretty dang good, 3 was TERRIBLE. this… eh, idk. what the heck is 4d?!?!?!
  22. sentencefagment reblogged this from umhi-im-alexis and added:
  23. thesedayswatchovertime answered: Eh, probably won’t go see it.
  24. johncougarmellencamp0 answered: meh, I’ll pass
  25. umhi-im-alexis reblogged this from pupfresh and added:
    Aw, that’s cool. (: I like how the original cast is still in it! But eww, 4D. xD That means when the kid pukes it’ll...
  26. magg-182 reblogged this from pupfresh and added:
    joel mchale? OF COURSE I’LL GO SEE IT
  27. danniwearssneakers answered: i love that ricky gervais is the dog.
  28. mimikins85 answered: nope not interested. looks kinda lame..
  29. santiloveatthedisco reblogged this from pupfresh
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  31. staysafe--staystrong reblogged this from pupfresh and added:
    why would they even make another one