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random blog #17

hey guys! so i’m still on vacation in Florida, but i managed to get hold of a computer. figured i should leave a little blog to let you guys know whats up!

first off, if you haven’t already, please go follow @alysonsnjst! it’s the New Jersey Street Team for Alyson Stoner, run by my best friend(who has also been mentioned in previous blogs), Nicole! and speaking of Nicole, we put together our interview for Cady Groves before I left for vacation. still waiting on getting it back, but we started thinking about it and realized we want to start doing these interviews in person! so considering we’ll both be going to the Stuck on Repeat tour, we’re trying to work on getting an interview with Cash Cash, Cady Groves, Stereo Skyline, or The Downtown Fiction in person! i’ve yet to email the Audition yet because none of the other bands have let me know whether or not they can do the interview. i’m worried that if they all accept, we won’t have time to do all of them before the show actually starts considering The Downtown Fiction will be performing first and since I’ve never seen them before, I’m most excited for that! also, since Nicole is now running Alyson Stoner’s New Jersey Street Team, we’re trying to work on getting an interview with her as well! we both met her last year as we were leaving Good Morning America and Nicole also met her again the other day. i tried finding the email address for her manager, but it seems to be nearly impossible. i sent a few messages out to sites that have already interviewed her to try and find a possible address to reach her or her manager, but received nothing yet.

that’s about all the information i can tell you right now. i haven’t gotten any emails back, but i’m really hoping to get them sometime this week. i hate that feeling of anxiousness when i go to check my email and see that there’s nothing. so i’m gonna try and stop checking my email so frequently on my phone so that maybe, just MAYBE, someone will send an email back.

i leave Florida on Thursday night, so by this weekend you’ll be seeing a crapload of updates from me! at the moment, i’m burned literally from head to toe. sunburn on my forehead, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, knees, feet,…honestly, it’s quite ridiculous. about to go in the pool, so i can’t really complain there :) talk to you all in a few days! fill up my ‘Questions/Comments’ box! it’ll be awesome to have something else to look forward to when i sign back in :)