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sidenote/random blog #17.5

just passed 2000 views & 105 followers on tumblr. seriously makes me smile. it’s hard to tell if people actually check out my blog because it’s rare that i get feedback. but when i do, it seriously makes me happy cause it seems as if people are actually interested in this blog. as the views progress, so will the page!

i’m waiting for interviews back from

  • Artist Vs Poet
  • The Morning Of
  • Jimmie Deeghan
  • Disco Curtis
  • Cady Groves
  • The Downtown Fiction

and i’m waiting for emails back to possibly interview Cash Cash, Cady Groves, and/or Stereo Skyline in person at the Stuck on Repeat show! which, ps, The Downtown Fiction dropped =\ if you’re a TDF fan like myself, you read their twitter in which they posted a link to their blog with the reasoning as to why(aka, Cameron needs to get surgery because of something wrong with his vocal cords).

so! as i mentioned at the beginning of this note, progression is only possible with your help! nicole is going to start helping me with putting together and doing the interviews. updating is still my thing, but if there’s any articles or posts that you want me to put up then check out the bloggity’s main page and click the Questions/Comments link and leave a question and/or comment! i will respond to every one, no matter the amount. now, as i’ve said on my page, this blog is to help others. that’s my main goal. this is where you come in. your chance to help me. will you?