Interview With :: Westland


 Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band!

Aaron Bonus- singer/guitar, Matt Perreault- Lead guitar, Nicholas Karidoyanes- bassist, Alex Wagner- guitar, Cody Wagner- Drummer

You recently announced that your new EP, Intimacy Without Intricacy, will be released on January 8th of 2013. What can fans expect to hear on this EP?

A large range of different moods and sounds, that we have grown into over the last couple years. All with very meaningful message.

You also revealed the artwork of the new EP. How did the title come about?

I heard it once in a movie. I have been wanting to use it for years. It is very true to the life style of a touring musician, you are never around long enough to have a real relationship.

Westland has a pretty impressive tour history including 2 consecutive years playing the Vans Warped tour. If Westland could create a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?

hmm. The shins, neutral milk hotel, weezer ( only blue album and pinkerton), the pixies and I would call it The “read a book” tour

On the bands Facebook page, you posted about having fans participate in a contest of sorts in order to receive 3 unreleased Westland songs. Were these old or new songs and what were the fans reactions to them?

These were all new tracks. We allowed fans to preview if they entered the contest. We had a very good response, which makes us very excited to released them publicly

You guys posted about a music video in the works and to be released within the next month. Can you give us any information on that? Which song the video is for? Concept of the video? Etc.?

The music video is for “Steady Now” premiums exclusively on purevolume Nov 16th. And will be out everywhere the 19th. The video is a performance piece with a masked guy roaming around us creating destructive elements. is it real? is it in my head? you will have to wait for the release ha

On top of playing Warped Tour and Hot Topic in-store performances, you guys have also followed multiple tours in order to promote your own music. What is one thing that you have learned from going out and making interactions with the fans?

That people really care about supporting growing bands. We have had some amazing encounters and I want to thank everyone who has ever supported us.

What is your favorite song off the new EP and why?

I enjoy “bleed” the most. Its not your typical cut and dry song. its for sure a journey that takes you to a lot of places. if you comment to its length of 4 mins im sure it will grow on you 🙂

Can we expect to see an upcoming Westland tour this winter? 

We are currently working on becoming a support act for a few national tours this spring.

Anything else you’d like to add or say to the fans?

Just thank you guys so much for everything, you are amazing. And if you dont know us, then please check us at

All questions answered by singer, Aaron Bonus.

Westland: Facebook | Twitter

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