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Review:: Unseen | Tayler Buono

While it’s not the extraordinary, Taylor Buono’s new EP Unseen is definitely the breath of fresh air you need from the current state of music. In fact, I feel a bit nostalgic listening to her new EP. It has remnants of music from the early 2000s with its simplicity of
lyrics and melodies.   Unseen has six tracks that can appeal to any age group, especially a younger audience. However, Buono proves to be the rising artist who is still searching for her place in much with her new EP.

Only 20-years old, Taylor Buono comes with a very light and clean cut voice. It’s a voice perfect for songs about love and heartbreak as these six tracks show us. Her songs have a personal touch as draws from her own experiences. Some are about the highs of love like the track “It Only Gets Better”, which aspires the optimistic side of love that most singer/songwriters stay away from. The opening track “Lucky in Love” is very bubbly and makes you feel like you’re jumping on clouds.

Buono also shows a sadder side by opening up about past relationships.  The track “What If It Was” explores a relationship that couldn’t be and is accompanied by piano. She sings us through what could have been, but still keeps hope. Buono paints the picture of a
failing relationship in her title track “Unseen.” Buono showcases herself as the voice for teenagers who, right now, don’t have many singers advocating for them.

On its own, Unseen is simplistic and showcases Taylor Buono’s voice very well. However, with the advent of female singers, Buono might find herself swept up with the others. She might be able to hold her own if she refines the direction she wants to go with a full length album. Unseen has the potential to be something great, especially with Buono’s ability to bring bittersweet emotions come alive with her songs. There’s no clear path of what to expect from a future album.  However, I do know that Taylor Buono brings
back the simpler moments of music.

Release Date: Jan 13th, 2015
Rating: 2.5/5
Runtime: ~22 minutes
Songs to check out: Unseen, What If It Was

Track listing:
1. Lucky In Love
2. Let It Die
3. What If It Was
4. I Like
5. Unseen
6. It’ll Only Get Better

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