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Seven Bands To See At Boston Calling: #4, Father John Misty

Written by Eric Riley.

Boston Calling is here to put summer to rest with a bang. If you’ve kept an eye on us for the last few years, you know the deal. Let’s do this again, shall we? Here is our list of who you need to be keeping an eye out for!

On our list so far: #7. Grey Season/Dirty Bangs, #6. Of Monsters and Men, #5. Twin Shadow

Today we talk about our #4 pick, Father John Misty.


Late one night a week or two ago, my brother and I
were leaving the hospital after visiting my father, who was recovering from a
[minor, (don’t worry)] operation. Pulling out of the parking garage, my brother
put on Father John Misty’s “Chateau Lobby #4” and it was a perfect fit

The bleak, dull grayness of a vacant parking garage rolled out in front of us as Josh Tillman crooned “First time, you let me stay the night, despite your own rules / you took off early to go cheat your way through film school. / You left a note in your perfect script: “Stay as long as you want;” I haven’t left your bed since.” Tillman’s clever, snappy lyricism is both charming and chilling, set to cool, crisp instrumentalism and ambient atmosphere. It was a soothing soundtrack to an unsettling situation, but it is bound to fit just as well (under much better settings) this weekend.

For fans of: My Morning Jacket, Dustin Kensrue, Fleet Foxes
For a taste, check out: “True Affection,” “Holy Shit,”
“Chateau Lobby #4”
Catch them: Saturday, 4:55pm; jetBlue Stage

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