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CMJ 2015: Showcases To See | Tuesday, October 13th

With the first day of CMJ underway, we’ve put together a list of nine showcases going on today that you should take some time out to see! We’ve included some FREE showcases for those of you who have not purchased a CMJ badge this year, but keep in mind, some shows do have an age restriction (which we have included as well)! If you attend any of these showcases, reach out to us on our Twitter and let us know what new favorite band you have been introduced to!

Official CMJ Showcase
When: 12pm
Where: Rockwood Music Hall
Cost: FREE
Artists: Keys & Corridors (12pm), Playboy Manbaby
(12:45pm), Captain Squeegee (1:30pm), Fairy Bones (2:15pm), Valise (3pm), Amy
& The Engine (3:45pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1OuGnev
Additional Info: 21+

Pianos CMJ Kickoff
When: Doors 12:30pm
Where: Pianos
Cost: FREE
Artists: Robbing Millions (1pm), Good Morning (1:45pm),
Caveboy (2:30pm), Them Bruins (3:15pm), Slum Sociable (4pm), Crooked Colours
(4:45pm), Cosmo Sheldrake (5:30pm)
Link: http://on.fb.me/1jvHFso

Rhyme & Reason
Records CMJ Day Party
When: 1pm
Where: Pianos
Cost: FREE
Artists: Golden Bloom (1pm), Holiday Mountain (1:50pm), The
Suffers (2:40pm), Catey Shaw (3:30pm), Kid In The Attic (4:20pm), Fiction Plane
(5:10pm), Say Girl Say (6om)
Link: http://bit.ly/1k0auO4

DoNYC CMJ Official
Kickoff Party
When: Doors 6pm
Where: The Delancey
Cost: FREE
Artists playing downstairs: Village Psychic (6pm), Original
Sharks (6:30pm), MPV (7pm), Life Size Maps (7:45pm), Narc Twain (8:30pm),
Silverbird (9:15pm), King Neptune (10:15pm), City of the Sun (11:15pm), Arrows
of Love (12:15am)
Artists playing main room: Growing Stone (7:30pm), Lance
Neptune (8:30pm)
DJs playing: Edward Askew, Dirty Boogie, Big Vic, Tek It
Izi, K Styles
Link:  http://bit.ly/1NaWE5b

Banners Showcase
When: 7pm
Where: Pianos
Cost: $10 cover for showroom, free for upstairs
Artists playing showroom: Yabadum (7pm), Methyl Ethyl
(7:45pm), High Waisted (8:30am), Chastity (9:15am), Great Caesar (10pm), Sizzy
Rocket (10:45pm), Mainland (11:30pm), Crooked Colours (12:15am), Gilligan Moss
(1am), Matty Rico + DJ Set (1:45am)
Artists playing upstairs: Ben Talmi (7:30pm), Tora (8:15pm),
Jack and Eliza (9pm), Brave Shores (9:45pm), Briana Marela (10:30pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1gSowzo

TJO Showcase
When: 7pm
Where: The Rock Shop
Cost: Free w/badge, $10 for non badge-holders
Artists: Dreams of June (7pm), Bree and the Whatevers (7:45pm), Out
of System Transfer (8:20), Polyvox (8:55pm), Best Behavior (9:35pm), Nightmares
of Nashville (10:25pm), The Tins (11:15pm), Howth (12am)
Additional info:21+

Data Touring + Siren
Sounds Showcase
When: Doors 7:30pm
Where: Arlene’s Grocery
Cost: FREE
Artists: Swizzymack (8pm), Wes Walker & DYL (9pm),
Weekend Money (9:45pm), Denitia & Sene (10:30pm), Nina Sky (11:15pm)
Link:  http://bit.ly/1RF7J05
Additional info: 21+

BMI + HD Radio Showcase
When: 8pm
Where: Knitting Factory
Cost: Free w/badge, $10 for non badge-holders
Artists: Cultfever (8pm), Sizzy Rocket (8:50pm), Audiodamn! (9:40pm), Secret Weapons (10:30pm), Frances Rose (11:20pm), Chrome Pony (12:10am)
Link: http://bit.ly/1iZT97k

Music is GREAT Britain
When: 8pm
Where: The Living Room
Cost: FREE
Artists: Stealing Sheep (8pm), Garden of Elk (8:45pm), Jake
Isaac (9:30pm), Sykes (10:15pm), Hooton Tennis Club (11pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1QmApdg

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