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CMJ 2015: Showcases To See | Thursday, October 15th

Day three and the weekend is just about here! We’re a little late on today’s post, but since most of these showcases are still going on right now, we’re including them anyway! Today’s list has six showcases! Again, we’ve included some FREE showcases for those of you who have not purchased a CMJ badge this year, but keep in mind, some shows do have an age restriction (which we have included as well)! If you attend any of these showcases, reach out to us on our Twitter and let us know what new favorite band you have been introduced to!

Stalker/Switchbitch Records/Behind The Curtains Media CMJ Day Party
When: 11am
Where: Arlene’s Grocery
Cost: FREE
Artists: Charles Ellsworth (12pm),
Willie and the Giant (12:45pm), Slim Wray (1:30pm), Wild Sun (2:15pm), The
Gills (3pm), Zero Holds (3:45pm), Courtesy Tier (4:30pm), The Skulx (5:15pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1PqspJY
Additional Info: 21+

Beasts & Audiofemme CMJ Day Party
When: 12pm
Where: Pianos
Cost: FREE
Artists playing main stage: Yung
(1pm), Hockey Dad (1:45pm), Palehound (2:30pm), Weaves (3:15pm), Landshapes
(4pm), Michael Rault (4:45pm), Cheatahs (5pm), Methyl Ethel (5:45pm)
Artists playing upstairs stage: Stolen
Jars, Lena Fayre, Outfit, TOW3RS, Idgy Dean, Marlon Williams
Link: http://bit.ly/1GF8TSB

Takeover Party
When: 4pm
Where: The Delancey
Cost: Free with RSVP
Artists playing first floor: BUHU
(5:15pm), Kay Weathers (6:15pm), Gio Chamba (7:15pm), Moji (8:15pm), Night
Drive (9:15pm), Blue Healer (10:15pm)
Artists playing basement: Rose Quarts
(5pm), Keeper (6pm), Mobley (7pm), LEV (8pm), Say Girl Say (9pm), Holiday
Mountain (10pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1OyqORz
Additional Info: 21+

Arts + William & Park + The Catalyst Publicity Group
When: 5:30pm
Where: Pete’s Candy Store
Cost: FREE
Artists: Rachel Lynn (5:30pm), Demar (6:15pm), Erika Lloyd
(7pm), Crazy Pills (7:45pm), That One Eyed Kid (8:30pm), Alyson Greenfield
(9:15pm), Glockabelle (10pm), Baby Spiders (10:45pm)
Link: http://on.fb.me/1LrAsVg

Rock On Philly
When: Doors 6:30pm
Where: Exile Above A
Cost: Free w/badge, $5 for non badge-holders
Artists: Laura Cheadle, Rob Tait, Jennifer Logue, Modern
Colour, Mercury Radio Theater, DJ Ben Arsenal
Link: http://bit.ly/1OyvDtY
Additional info: 21+

All My Friends Launch
When: Doors 7:30pm
Where: The Good Room
Cost: Free with RSVP
Performances By: Monogem, Pom Poms, HIGHS, EVVY, Ben Talmi
DJ Sets By: Delta Spirit, Nico Turner, Elliot & The
Link: http://on.fb.me/1MnZYqP
Additional info: 21+

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