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Show Review:: Cherub 11/5

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Crystal Ballroom; Portland, OR
Written by Kelsey Rzepecki

Portland could not get enough of Electro Pop duo, Chreub, delighting us all with a long set last Thursday that went into the early morning. The night started with the bass-heavy Hippie Sabotage as the ballroom emerged into a vibrating, up-beat atmosphere playing all of their hit songs including ending their set with the timeless track “Your Soul”.

It wasn’t long before the signature eclectic 80s pop inspired sound of Cherub emerged, automatically heightening the mood. The crowd was
pleasantly surprised, opening with their popular “XOXO”. These two are a definite crowd pleaser as they possess a kind of genuine, fun energy that permanently radiates off the stage.

Their tracks “Work the Middle” and “Tonight” emitted their more
vulnerable, romantic side as you could feel the charismatic, fun-loving vibe. It is clear the two deeply appreciate their fans as they made sure to take minimal breaks between songs in order to keep the dance party going.

It got a little more sensual with their hip-hop inspired “Freaky Me, Freaky You” track with slow, heavy bass as the crowd started coupling up to find a dance partner. During their set, Cherub easily covered all of their hits from their various albums and then some, making for some seriously satisfied fans.

The fans knew what had to come next as Cherub took the stage for
their encore with their hit “Doses & Mimosas” that was the climax to a
phenomenal show. Suddenly the crowd became disoriented as our care-free, fun bubble burst and there we were, back in reality. If you have the chance to check them out touring near you, I would urge you a thousand times, yes!

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