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27 Songs to Hear from October 2016

October may be long gone, but we still think it’s important to share the tunes we had on our October playlist! This playlist features new tunes from Lady Gaga, With Confidence, Balance and Composure, King Deco, and Lo/Hi among others. Check out the full list and stream below – and be sure to follow us on Spotify here!


“Grigio Girls” by Lady Gaga
“Two” by Shaprece
“Fake Love” by Drake
“Shoutout To My Ex” by Little Mix
“You Can Be You” by Saint Motel
“Open Energy” by The Mowgli’s
“Voldemort” by With Confidence
“On Purpose” by Sabrina Carpenter
“Loam” by Balance and Composure
“Phone” by Lizzo
“Read My Lips” by King Deco
“No Matter What” by Little Monarch
“No Witnesses” by Keaton Henson
“Take” by ECHOS
“Misused Adrenaline” by Dryjacket
“Operation Margarine” by Man & The Echo
“Love Strong” by Ben Hazlewood
“Something About You” by Tayler Buono
“Girl With An Ego” by Justin Baron
“Row” by Smith & Thell
“After the Afterparty” by Charli XCX
“Hold Your Breath” by Mirror Eyes
“Permission Slip” by Mainland
“Next Ex” by CAPPA
“Bad Man” by Be Calm Honcho
“Eloise” by Lo/Hi
“Still Breathing” by Veridia

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