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Tuesday Rewind: 11/15-11/28

Who’s ready for a Tuesday Rewind?! Here is our list of music videos, live videos, covers, lyric videos, and singles that have been released in the last two weeks! Some of our favorite releases so far include the Veronica’s music video for “On Your Side,” Chasing Safety’s music video for “This Is Hell,” The Queen and King’s cover of “Closer,” and a brand new single from The Y Axes. Check out our full list below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter!

Music Videos:

  • “Existential Crisis at the Cask ‘n Flagon” – A
    Loss For Words
  • “Bones” – Broadhurst
  • “Stranger” – Can’t Swim
  • “Caught Up” – Chapel
  • “This Is Hell” – Chasing Safety
  • “Terrified” – Half Hearted
  • “Going Mad As The Street Bins” – L.A. Salami
  • “Hollywood” – Lissie
  • “Three Days” – Luke Wade
  • “If Only” – Maria Taylor
  • “Bleached Out Soda Pop” – Port Juvee
  • “Nothing Is Permanent” – RadioBlack
  • “Like Father, Like Son” – The Funeral Portrait
  • “On Your Side” – The Veronicas

Live Videos:

  • “Promises” – Handsome Ghost

Lyric Videos:

  • “Another Christmas Loving You” – Leslie Cours
    Mather w/Steve Dorff
  • “No Matter What” – Little Monarch


  • “What’s Going On” – Rival City
  • “Closer” – The Queen and King


  • “I’ve Been Meaning To Call” – Adam Sanders
  • “The Grey” & “Film
    Club” – CHILDCARE
  • “Clouds” – Cisco Adler
  • “Scott Green” – Dune Rats
  • “Back Up A Minute” – Former Faces
  • “Aqua” – FRTNK
  • “The Human Mulligan” – Guttermouth
  • “Send Me Something” – Guytano
  • “Storm Chaser” – Half Hearted
  • “Real” – Henry Green
  • “Lies” – Jesper Jenset
  • “Run Away” – Jesse Sheppard
  • “Pacify” – Kauf
  • “Denounce The Light” – Lorna Shore
  • “On Fire” – Luke Wade
  • “Sweater” – OBB
  • “Shed A Light” – Robin Schulz and David Guetta
    ft. Cheat Codes
  • “Wanderer” – Softspoken
  • “Prism” – The Micronaut
  • “Reason To Leave” – The Narrative
  • “Umbra” – The Y Axes
  • “Oh Lucinda!” – Thom Worth

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