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Tuesday Rewind: 12/27-1/9

Happy Tuesday folks! It’s Tuesday Rewind time and here is our list of music videos, acoustic videos and singles that have been released within the last two weeks! Check out our full list below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter @_lucyoutloud!

Music Videos:

  • “Oslo” – Anna of the North
  • “Testify Or Say Goodbye” – Black Star Riders
  • “Bone Dance” – Charlatan
  • “Too Soon To Tell” – Drab Majesty
  • “Rules of Life” – First Blood
  • “Wild Flowers” – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  • “Be Yourself” – From Inside
  • “Pinnacle” – Ghost Iris
  • “Rider” – Graham Bonnet Band
  • “Sweet Freedom” – Ilana Armida
  • “Slip” – Levels
  • “If I Had You Back In My Life” – New Street Adventure
  • “Retrospect” – Nominee
  • “We Are” – ONE OK ROCK
  • “Sick Again” – Sixlight


  • “Eyes Wide” – Handsome Ghost


  • “War” – Destroy The Line
  • “C Section” – Dot Hacker
  • “New Year” – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  • “Spelling Era” – Dryjacket
  • “Forever” – Figure Eight
  • “Love Don’t Live Here” – Jack Russell’s Great White
  • “Things Change” – Less Than Jake
  • “Am I The Only Reason?” – Loose Buttons
  • “Prepare The Lake” – Lowly
  • “Suck It Out” – Menace Beach
  • “Til your legs give up” – pronoun (ben hobbs remix)
  • “Hustle” – Rebekah Todd
  • “Bad Girl” – Rock Rockies
  • “The Blending of Blue and Green” & “Draw Near” – Sister Helen
  • “Born To Lose” – Striker
  • “America” – The New Tarot
  • “So Green Her Eyes” – Ursae


  • Flesh Coffin Episode 2: Instrument Tracking – Lorna Shore
  • Leap of Love Teaser Video, Super Snake

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