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Tuesday Rewind: 3/7-3/20

Well, it’s another Tuesday meaning we’ve got another Tuesday Rewind for you! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, Tuesday Rewind is a compiled list of music videos, acoustic videos and singles that have been released within the last two weeks and on our radar. Check out the full list below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter @_lucyoutloud!

Music Videos:

  • “Weak” – AJR
  • “Black Box” – Alteras
  • “China” – Charlatan
  • “Dark Debts” – Civil Youth
  • “Don’t Get It” – Empty Lungs
  • “Good Things” – Foreign Sons
  • “I Want It All” – Hell or Highwater
  • “Die Tryin’” – Kaleido
  • “Verona” – Lostboycrow
  • “Enough” – Maisy Kay
  • “Hearts on Fire” – Molehill
  • “Exploding Head Syndrome” – One Hidden Frame
  • “Burn It Down” – Paul Johnson and the About Last Nights
  • “Joan of Arc” – Ricky Reed
  • “Safety Not Guaranteed” – Secret Space
  • “Waiting a Lifetime” – Splashh
  • “Wait” – The Digital Wild

Lyric Videos:

  • “When We First Met” – Alex Di Leo
  • “Holy Water” – The Classic Crime
  • “Wine of Violence” – Young Fox


  • “Set on Fire” – Magic Giant


  • “Beauty and the Beast” – Maisy Kay and CJ Emmons
  • “Little Dreamer” – The Naked Eye & Marie Dahlstrøm (Originally by Lion Babe)


  • “Serious Love” – Anya Marina
  • “Harlem” – Bear Fight
  • “Chew The Gum” – Bleeding Knees Club
  • “Lie” – Cody Lovaas (Tep No Remix)
  • “Hello Hello” – Fickle Friends
  • “Forget Me Not” – Jennifer Paige
  • “Hollow & Alive” – Legacy At Heart
  • “Drive Away” – Shallows
  • “We Move As Waves” – Young Fox


  • Drum Playthrough of “Fvneral Moon” and “Flesh Coffin,” Lorna Shore

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