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Fingers Crossed Charming Liars

fingers crossed!

Cash Cash is playing in Jersey on Sunday and I’m hoping my friends and I can go.

They’re playing with Breathe Electric and my friends in For The Foxes. I was supposed to interview FTF back in December, but they were no where to be found before their set and I ended up leaving early that night.

right now, there’s about a 50% chance of going on Sunday, but I talked to Nick(singer) and asked if we could finally do our interview, and he was totally down for it. then Gloria and I got to talking and I realized that since I’m trying to put together a new section for acoustic videos, I should ask if they’d want to be a part of it, which they are.

so fingers are crossed for Sunday night! if I end up going, I’ll be interviewing and doing an acoustic video with For The Foxes!


tomorrow will go well.

it’s accessory day for spirit week, so that should be interesting. after, going over Nicole’s until the show, then SoR, then home.

outfit for tomorrow is picked out, and approved by my mom: green tank top, black cardigan, jeggings, white signed chucks. although, she thought i should wear black chucks. but whatever.

writing down the questions now. then cleaning out my memory card and charging my camera.

i repeat, hopefully tomorrow will go well.