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New Music Video:

"Jefferson’s Shadow" | Dryjacket

Dryjacket Announce New EP

New Jersey indie rock band, Dryjacket, recently announced their signing to Hopeless Records as well as details on their debut EP! The EP, Lights, Locks & Faucets, will be released on April 14. To pre-order the album, click here!

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for the EP!

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New Lyric Video:

"Dancing Like An Idiot" | Bayside

The band will be hitting the road next week for their 15 Year Birthday Tour! For the list of tour dates, click here!

Bayside 15 Year Birthday Tour Dates

Near the end of 2014, Bayside announced they would be hitting the road for a special 15 Year Birthday Tour! It will feature supporting acts Senses Fail, Man Overboard, and Seaway. The tour kicks off next Thursday, March 5th, in Orlando, FL, and will wrap up on April 4th in Sayreville, NJ. Tour dates can be found below!

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New Music Video:

"Evolve" | coldrain

Review:: A Place Of Our Own | Have Mercy


Have Mercy’s new album A Place Of Our Own is something for those stormy days when you’re stuck indoors and need something cozy to listen to. The new album provides a certain comfort behind its woeful songs. There is a turbulence of emotions found melded into refined pop-punk tunes and gritty vocals that depict a sad love story.

Hopeless Records must have sensed the hopelessness that Have Mercy brings in their pop-punk, since they scooped up the band for their second album. After catching attention with their first album The Earth Pushed Back, Have Mercy produced their sophomore album with a bit of guidance from record label known for producing pop-punk hits. Have Mercy is staying true to their roots by showing a gloomier outlook on relationships, but A Place Of Our Own shows a more main-stream side with refined guitar melodies, and reengineered vocals. The vocals have taken charge and the guitars are acting as the backdrop. 

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New Music Video:

Something’s Gotta Give All Time Low

This track is off the band’s upcoming album, Future Hearts, to be released April 7th via Hopeless Records. 

What do you guys think of the new track?

New Music:

Never Let Go Of The Microscope Enter Shikari

This track is off the bands upcoming album, The Mindsweep, to be released January 20th via Hopeless Records! Pre-order the album by clicking here!

Review:: Resurrection | New Found Glory


"I’m just dust in the breeze, but I wanna be a hurricane."

Reflections on personal growth and burnt bridges accentuate New Found Glory’s eighth studio album, aptly titled Resurrection. Combining catchy hooks and a sound that is distinctly ‘pop punk,’ NFG solidifies their spot as top dogs in their genre with this solid release.

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New Album Stream:

Mend, Move On Trophy Eyes

New Music:

Lean Have Mercy

Expect big things to come from this band. This is another taste of what to expect off their upcoming album, A Place Of Our Own, to be released October 27th!

New Music:

The Last Garrison Enter Shikari

Really digging this new track from Enter Shikari! This song is off the bands upcoming album, The Mindsweep, to be released on January 20th via Hopeless Records. To pre-order the album, click here.

New Music:

Two Years Have Mercy

Hopeless Records is really hitting it out of the park with their artists and new releases. This fantastic track is off Have Mercy’s upcoming full-length, A Place Of Our Own, to be released October 27th. Pre-order the album by clicking here!