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Review:: Battle Scars And Broken Hearts | Darling Parade

Back when we thought the world was ending, we here at Lucy Out Loud released the site’s first compilation. Among the list of twenty-plus tracks was the standout, female-fronted Darling Parade, who return in 2013 with a full length packed to the seams with beautifully-produced heart and soul.

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in case you didn’t know,

i posted the videos from the Cassadee Pope show last month on 2 different youtube accounts. to make it easier, check out all the videos listed below. half are filmed on my rebel, half on my iPhone.

Darling Parade Interview

King | Stephen Jerzak

Hangover | Cassadee Pope

Homecoming | Cassadee Pope ft. Stephen Jerzak

I Don’t Wanna Dance | Cassadee Pope

Lunatic | Cassadee Pope ft. Justin Young

Remember | Darling Parade ft. Stephen Jerzak

Our interview with Darling Parade(@darlingparade) is finally up!

Sorry for the delay, folks!

Sidenote: watch to see small appearances from both Stephen Jerzak and Cassadee Pope

Remember | Darling Parade(@darlingparade) ft. Stephen Jerzak(@stephenjerzak)

uploading videos!

it’s about damn time! over on the LucyOutLoud youtube, we’re posting videos from Darling Parade, Stephen Jerzak, and Cassadee Pope! later on this week we’ll be posting our interview with Darling Parade as well!

over on my other page, QtPieLucy, i’ll be posting a few extra Cassadee videos taken on my iPhone, since i ran out of storage on my camera.

go subscribe to both channels if you haven’t already! -